My Choice Art!

I don’t particularly have a need to draw, paint, sculpt, or any other main art mediums; but what I do have a need for is decoration! For the activity of my choice, I chose to decorate my a wall in my room. I enjoy taking photos of my friends and all out adventures, so I figured it would be fun to make a type of photo collage.

I came across the issue of finding a theme at fist but then I decided that a traveling theme would be perfect for me! I got a wall sticker decal of a map of the world and placed it on the wall, then proceeded to build my collage around it. I chose to add photos of different places I have been, and ultimately, I would like to mark them on the map decal as well!

Wall of Adventures

It is hard to tell in the photo, but each cluster of photos represents one location that I visited. In the top left corner is Paris, France. Next to that is Chicago, Illinois, followed by a small cluster of our time in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. As the clusters go around in a circle, they also follow a transition. The top one on the right hand side is of the lovely city of Rome, Italy! Below that is Venice, Italy. To the left of Venice in the area somewhat between Africa and South America, you will notice one single picture of my sister and me in Haiti. To the left of that is a group of pictures taken in Miami, Florida. Last but not least, the cluster in the bottom left corner: Berlin, Germany!

I enjoyed making this a lot. I like waking up everyday to such great memories and it is a fun conversation starter for friends. Each photo was selected for very specific reasons and I can’t wait to tell everyone all of the stories attached with them!


Free Culture

The art talk this week about free culture was somewhat thought provoking. I don’t like the concept of ideas and thoughts being considered as property. I believe that if ideas are shared, the idea can expand into something much deeper. In scientific research, for example, people tend to keep their information to themselves until their work has been published acknowledging that the research is their original idea, and ultimately it is their property.

Polly and I agree that sharing of ideas and information is a good thing. The sharing and remixing could really better things for everyone. I also think that if we start considering things as property, we limit our thinking. Knowing that an idea “belongs” to someone else, we generally ignore it in a way. We limit our creativity and that’s not a good thing.



AOTW Week 10

Our artist of the week this week was Aaron Swartz. I enjoyed learning about him! I like that he tried to make the research available for others. It’s important that we have resources available for all so that we can progress human kind. Polly and I agree that we don’t feel as though Aaron should be considered an artist per say, but we do value the work that he attempted.


I think that this day is age really highlights the need for sharing of resources. Although he was a hacker, his purpose was to provide information to the public. I don’t think he should be considered a criminal. I know that ultimately he did break the law, but it was for a food reason.

As for the word hacker…I think of it as a word with a negative connotation. In this sense though, I think it was a positive thing. I also think many people are “hackers” for positive reasons. It’s all about the context!


Landscape with a corpse

The activity this week was to create our own landscape with a corpse photo. I don’t generally think about how I will die when my time comes, but I do have fears about it. I chose to do my photo as though I “died” from an accidental fall down the stairs.



The purpose of the setting was to display an idea of an accidental death. I have many fears of dying under unexpected circumstances, so I wanted to capture that. It is strange to think of your own death, but seeing the artwork like this really makes you ponder.


AH Week 8

This week we discussed art in the 20th Century. I think that although this time frame is the most familiar to me, the material was confusing. One thing my group and I focused on was the feature and ground concept. Most of us were confused. We discussed it quite a bit and decided that the best way to describe it is this:

The feature is the creation itself, while the ground is the means for completion.

What this means is that there are many things involved with making a finish product, like time or money, that can be considered the grounds. Whatever comes out as the finished product, what people see, is the feature. For example: when visiting a nice restaurant, you get a delicious meal. In this case, the meal (the food, presentation, atmosphere) is the feature. The waiter’s time and effort because part of the ground. Not only that, but the chef’s time and effort as well become part of the ground. In this case, the efforts are being compensated by a monetary value. This value also becomes part of the grounds. Ultimately, the grounds is what is needed to produce something, and the feature is the something that we all know and recognize.

A snapshot of my discussion with Andrew, Shamir, Li-ren, and Emilie.

A snapshot of my discussion with Andrew, Shamir, Li-ren, and Emilie.


AOTW Week 8

Marina Abramovic

Here is a piece down by Marina Abramovic (courtesy of Google).

Here is a piece done by Marina Abramovic (courtesy of Google).

Marina puts an interesting thought into our minds about limits. What are limits? Who sets our limits? can our limits be entirely overcome? I like to think of limits as an external source. I believe that while yes, sometimes we force limits on ourselves, I don’t think the limit was completely created from our own imagination. Rather, I think that limits come from outside (other than ourselves) forces and can eventually evolve into something much larger. Limits placed by others can create a sort of doubt in our own selves and thus create a limit. It is not that we place limits, but more so they are placed upon us.

When discussing this very same issue with my fellow classmates, it seems that there is some disagreement on my point of view. Others thought that limits are strictly an internal thing, and that everyone controls their own limits. Basing my opinion off of prior experience, I can say I really disagree.

Overall, I think that Marina Abramovic had a very forward way of thinking. She was so confident in her work that to her, she was limitless. I can honestly say that is very difficult to ignore all external resources…so props to her! Her work is very moving.

A snapshot of the discussion of limits with Emilie, Li-Ren, Shamir, and Andrew.

A snapshot of the discussion of limits with Emilie, Li-Ren, Shamir, and Andrew.




As a product of my times, I absolutely love snapping a photo to share on Instagram. On Wednesday, July 2, 2014, my Art 11 class and I created our very own Insta feed. By using our hashtag, we created a huge collection of how we lived that day. The photos ranged from vacationing in Cancun, lying in bed, dream cars on the freeway, and of course…FOOD! Surprisingly, while all the photos were unique, there were some similarities. We all encounter certain things in our day considering many of us participate in similar things, like working or doing summer school classes. I like to think of the collage as a whole as the piece of art we created together. If we look at the individual pictures, it is obvious who the specific artist is. Looking at the whole work as one, I think its safe to say that we were the artist; Art 110 Summer 2014 would be the main creative mind behind the photo collection. (I have to admit, its pretty cool being a part of something like this!)

A little piece of the collage that was created by Art 110 Summer 2014.

A little piece of the collage that was created by Art 110 Summer 2014. (CSULB) PS. Thats me in the middle on the far right!

If you would like to see all the photos associated with our collaboration, go to Instagram and enter #art110sum14 or click here for the web version (login information may be required).