Teach One.

I have long since been fascinated by photo collages. As you can tell from my post of my wall art, I think of collages very differently than some. For many, a collage is a grouping of pictures in one defined space. I don’t think that is necessary. In order to make a successful collage you must only follow a few certain steps:

1. Pick a theme. I chose a travel theme. My best friend once chose a concert theme. Maybe you prefer a family theme.
2. Define a space or size. My travel collage happened to span a whole wall! Other collages I have made are only the size of a poster. Maybe you just have a picture frame that you need to fill. Doesn’t matter!
3. Select your photos or objects that you would like to include. Sometimes it’s nice to add things other than just photos; like my map! If you choose a travel theme, maybe it would be cool to add some postcards from friends or family around the world. If you choose to make a collage for a significant other, maybe it’s a good idea to include things that the two of you find special and share a memory over. Doesn’t matter! The collage layout is totally up to you!
4. Organize your materials. Find some sort of flow. I chose a country by country flow for my travel piece. Maybe you want to go month by month, or activity by activity. Again, it’s all up to you!
5. Lastly, put it all together. As you start collecting photos and objects along the way, and you think about what matters and the order of your collage, the full idea will come together. You should not try to do this step first because as you go through the other steps you will find the whole collage to be very dynamic.

I encourage you all to try creating a collage of your own. My best friend taught me how and now I really enjoy it. If you happen to follow my steps (or don’t) and you create your own masterpiece…please post pictures on this post in the comments! I would love to see your visions brought to life!

A friends and family collage!


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