Our Art

The art of our time varies in so many ways. Art is no longer just a painting, a portrait, a sculpture…or anything like that! Art can now be expressed in millions of different ways! I believe that each and every person can find art in there life. Some will find it as graffiti on the sidewalks. Others will hear the most spectacular sounds from their neighbors house. For me, I find art in math. Physics is a beautiful application of numbers and symbols. For some the problems look like sheer chaos; for me, I see magic. The way the numbers come together to form such beautiful equations is mystifying. And what’s even more fascinating is that any arbitrary symbol can be used to create the same deep meaning in life. I think there is no limit to what can be considered art. From what I’ve learned over the summer, I can honestly say I have much more respect for certain individuals who choose to flow against the stream. Beautiful art is an internal idea and can never truly be defined from one person to the other.


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