Art110 Opinion Post

3 favorite activities: all! I really enjoyed most of the activities we did this summer. I definitely really liked the graffiti activity. I think this was mainly due to the fact that I got to experience something totally out of my comfort zone. I also really liked the Instagram activity. That one was really fun because it was cool to see how different and the same all of our lives are.

3 least favorite: definitely the kick starter activity, and the rapid prototyping activity. I disliked the kick starter activity because I just felt like that was totally unnecessary for an art class. The idea, in theory, is great. But for some reason it was not my personal cup of tea. The same goes for the prototyping activity. I am a pretty busy person and I like to think I am pretty efficient. I just felt as though I didn’t have an appropriate idea or time to fit the assignment.

The best part of the course: artist of the week! I really enjoyed learning about all these fabulous people and their contributions to the world. I don’t feel as though I would ever learn about these people if it weren’t for this class so I am extremely happy these video lectures existed!

The not so best part: discussions. I’m not sure that I really think they should go, but I think communication between classmates should definitely be more clear. Unfortunately, this is not just this course. College students just do this for discussion groups.

Overall, I’m really glad I took this class. Paying for my own domain was definitely worth it. I may not post much, but it’s pretty cool when I mention the name of my website to my friends 😉 I hope to use it more in the future! I am always reading about interesting facts and science articles, and sometimes I feel I don’t have an outlet to share them. Hopefully this blog can help me to effectively communicate my crazy thoughts once things in my life slow down just a little bit. Thanks for all your help, Glenn!


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