Andy Warhol

It is sad for me to learn all these amazing facts about Andy Warhol at this point in my life. All I’ve ever know of him is the classic quad framed brightly colored photos of celebrities. Learning that he created movies and tons of other things was somewhat shocking to me. It seems as though in the art community Warhol’s work in different medias was recognized, but from a public standpoint it was not. (Although I do think his work is a tad bit ahead of my time.)

I wish more people took his simplistic approach to art. Sometimes it seems that the more real something is, the more relatable it is. For instance, I love a great romantic film. It seems that all the great classic. Movies end with a “happily ever after”. Call me pessimistic, but I think this is dumb. Movies should depict real life possibilities. One of my favorite films is Tristan and Isolde. the movie is based off an ancient French folk tale and, lucky for us, features the amazing James Franco! Ultimately, the film has an ending that is far from happy. Many of my friends find the movie somewhat morbid because they all expect a happy ending. I think the exact opposite; the harsh ending of the movie makes the drama and passion of the film so worth it. Go pro videos that show this kind of real, raw emotion mean so much more than the movies that show us heartache, then instantly resolve issues to a happy ending.

A question of knowable identities is raised with the discussion of Andy Warhol. I think the more we learn about him in society, the more his artwork changes and grows. I think the same can be said for each and every one of us. I think depending on a location or surrounding groups, or even the period of life you are enduring, you will change. And so will your identity. We can never truly be defined by an action, word, or symbol. This is because humans are entirely dynamic in every way possible. I believe that people often change.


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