Thoughts on discussions

I liked talking to my classmates in the discussions for this class. It felt like, even though we never actually met each other in a classroom, I still made some friends from chatting. The thing I did not like was the scheduling. I took an online class in order to complete my assignments when I had time. Having to meet up with so many people at specified times was hard for me. Creating the Doodle polls really helped a lot! I just think there was still a bit of absent-mindedness on my part which led to discussion issues.

Also, I found texting to be the most convenient method of discussion. Email seems to create difficulty with people checking and taking awhile to respond which is annoying. The video hangouts were nice too! But I prefer texting because I can text and have a conversation even if I am out and about with my friends. I can’t always just join a video chat in public, or if I am at a friend’s house. I think overall, texting is just convenient for me because I am a very busy person and it seems that I almost always have access to my phone. A text is also nice because you can respond instantly, or a bit later and the other person will still be notified.

I think the chats helped, and it would be a good idea to keep them in the future. I don’t think group timing should be so harsh though. I really liked at the end how the discussions were always at a few set times and we could plan around that. So maybe having hosts again would be a good idea!


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