My Choice Art!

I don’t particularly have a need to draw, paint, sculpt, or any other main art mediums; but what I do have a need for is decoration! For the activity of my choice, I chose to decorate my a wall in my room. I enjoy taking photos of my friends and all out adventures, so I figured it would be fun to make a type of photo collage.

I came across the issue of finding a theme at fist but then I decided that a traveling theme would be perfect for me! I got a wall sticker decal of a map of the world and placed it on the wall, then proceeded to build my collage around it. I chose to add photos of different places I have been, and ultimately, I would like to mark them on the map decal as well!

Wall of Adventures

It is hard to tell in the photo, but each cluster of photos represents one location that I visited. In the top left corner is Paris, France. Next to that is Chicago, Illinois, followed by a small cluster of our time in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. As the clusters go around in a circle, they also follow a transition. The top one on the right hand side is of the lovely city of Rome, Italy! Below that is Venice, Italy. To the left of Venice in the area somewhat between Africa and South America, you will notice one single picture of my sister and me in Haiti. To the left of that is a group of pictures taken in Miami, Florida. Last but not least, the cluster in the bottom left corner: Berlin, Germany!

I enjoyed making this a lot. I like waking up everyday to such great memories and it is a fun conversation starter for friends. Each photo was selected for very specific reasons and I can’t wait to tell everyone all of the stories attached with them!


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