AOTW Week 10

Our artist of the week this week was Aaron Swartz. I enjoyed learning about him! I like that he tried to make the research available for others. It’s important that we have resources available for all so that we can progress human kind. Polly and I agree that we don’t feel as though Aaron should be considered an artist per say, but we do value the work that he attempted.


I think that this day is age really highlights the need for sharing of resources. Although he was a hacker, his purpose was to provide information to the public. I don’t think he should be considered a criminal. I know that ultimately he did break the law, but it was for a food reason.

As for the word hacker…I think of it as a word with a negative connotation. In this sense though, I think it was a positive thing. I also think many people are “hackers” for positive reasons. It’s all about the context!


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