Teach One.

I have long since been fascinated by photo collages. As you can tell from my post of my wall art, I think of collages very differently than some. For many, a collage is a grouping of pictures in one defined space. I don’t think that is necessary. In order to make a successful collage you must only follow a few certain steps:

1. Pick a theme. I chose a travel theme. My best friend once chose a concert theme. Maybe you prefer a family theme.
2. Define a space or size. My travel collage happened to span a whole wall! Other collages I have made are only the size of a poster. Maybe you just have a picture frame that you need to fill. Doesn’t matter!
3. Select your photos or objects that you would like to include. Sometimes it’s nice to add things other than just photos; like my map! If you choose a travel theme, maybe it would be cool to add some postcards from friends or family around the world. If you choose to make a collage for a significant other, maybe it’s a good idea to include things that the two of you find special and share a memory over. Doesn’t matter! The collage layout is totally up to you!
4. Organize your materials. Find some sort of flow. I chose a country by country flow for my travel piece. Maybe you want to go month by month, or activity by activity. Again, it’s all up to you!
5. Lastly, put it all together. As you start collecting photos and objects along the way, and you think about what matters and the order of your collage, the full idea will come together. You should not try to do this step first because as you go through the other steps you will find the whole collage to be very dynamic.

I encourage you all to try creating a collage of your own. My best friend taught me how and now I really enjoy it. If you happen to follow my steps (or don’t) and you create your own masterpiece…please post pictures on this post in the comments! I would love to see your visions brought to life!

A friends and family collage!


Art110 Opinion Post

3 favorite activities: all! I really enjoyed most of the activities we did this summer. I definitely really liked the graffiti activity. I think this was mainly due to the fact that I got to experience something totally out of my comfort zone. I also really liked the Instagram activity. That one was really fun because it was cool to see how different and the same all of our lives are.

3 least favorite: definitely the kick starter activity, and the rapid prototyping activity. I disliked the kick starter activity because I just felt like that was totally unnecessary for an art class. The idea, in theory, is great. But for some reason it was not my personal cup of tea. The same goes for the prototyping activity. I am a pretty busy person and I like to think I am pretty efficient. I just felt as though I didn’t have an appropriate idea or time to fit the assignment.

The best part of the course: artist of the week! I really enjoyed learning about all these fabulous people and their contributions to the world. I don’t feel as though I would ever learn about these people if it weren’t for this class so I am extremely happy these video lectures existed!

The not so best part: discussions. I’m not sure that I really think they should go, but I think communication between classmates should definitely be more clear. Unfortunately, this is not just this course. College students just do this for discussion groups.

Overall, I’m really glad I took this class. Paying for my own domain was definitely worth it. I may not post much, but it’s pretty cool when I mention the name of my website to my friends 😉 I hope to use it more in the future! I am always reading about interesting facts and science articles, and sometimes I feel I don’t have an outlet to share them. Hopefully this blog can help me to effectively communicate my crazy thoughts once things in my life slow down just a little bit. Thanks for all your help, Glenn!


Andy Warhol

It is sad for me to learn all these amazing facts about Andy Warhol at this point in my life. All I’ve ever know of him is the classic quad framed brightly colored photos of celebrities. Learning that he created movies and tons of other things was somewhat shocking to me. It seems as though in the art community Warhol’s work in different medias was recognized, but from a public standpoint it was not. (Although I do think his work is a tad bit ahead of my time.)

I wish more people took his simplistic approach to art. Sometimes it seems that the more real something is, the more relatable it is. For instance, I love a great romantic film. It seems that all the great classic. Movies end with a “happily ever after”. Call me pessimistic, but I think this is dumb. Movies should depict real life possibilities. One of my favorite films is Tristan and Isolde. the movie is based off an ancient French folk tale and, lucky for us, features the amazing James Franco! Ultimately, the film has an ending that is far from happy. Many of my friends find the movie somewhat morbid because they all expect a happy ending. I think the exact opposite; the harsh ending of the movie makes the drama and passion of the film so worth it. Go pro videos that show this kind of real, raw emotion mean so much more than the movies that show us heartache, then instantly resolve issues to a happy ending.

A question of knowable identities is raised with the discussion of Andy Warhol. I think the more we learn about him in society, the more his artwork changes and grows. I think the same can be said for each and every one of us. I think depending on a location or surrounding groups, or even the period of life you are enduring, you will change. And so will your identity. We can never truly be defined by an action, word, or symbol. This is because humans are entirely dynamic in every way possible. I believe that people often change.


Our Art

The art of our time varies in so many ways. Art is no longer just a painting, a portrait, a sculpture…or anything like that! Art can now be expressed in millions of different ways! I believe that each and every person can find art in there life. Some will find it as graffiti on the sidewalks. Others will hear the most spectacular sounds from their neighbors house. For me, I find art in math. Physics is a beautiful application of numbers and symbols. For some the problems look like sheer chaos; for me, I see magic. The way the numbers come together to form such beautiful equations is mystifying. And what’s even more fascinating is that any arbitrary symbol can be used to create the same deep meaning in life. I think there is no limit to what can be considered art. From what I’ve learned over the summer, I can honestly say I have much more respect for certain individuals who choose to flow against the stream. Beautiful art is an internal idea and can never truly be defined from one person to the other.


AOTW Week 11

Joseph DeLappe seems like an interesting character, although I am still somewhat confused on what he generally does with his avatars. I think If I were in a Second Life situation and I encountered his avatar, I would be very intrigued. However, If I encountered his avatar in the American Army situation, I would be upset. The environment of the gaming worlds change drastically in this case. The American Army situation where he read the names just seems so inappropriate for the gaming environment, although I do think it adds the the effectiveness of his movement.

I really enjoy his cardboard depictions of his avatars though!


Thoughts on discussions

I liked talking to my classmates in the discussions for this class. It felt like, even though we never actually met each other in a classroom, I still made some friends from chatting. The thing I did not like was the scheduling. I took an online class in order to complete my assignments when I had time. Having to meet up with so many people at specified times was hard for me. Creating the Doodle polls really helped a lot! I just think there was still a bit of absent-mindedness on my part which led to discussion issues.

Also, I found texting to be the most convenient method of discussion. Email seems to create difficulty with people checking and taking awhile to respond which is annoying. The video hangouts were nice too! But I prefer texting because I can text and have a conversation even if I am out and about with my friends. I can’t always just join a video chat in public, or if I am at a friend’s house. I think overall, texting is just convenient for me because I am a very busy person and it seems that I almost always have access to my phone. A text is also nice because you can respond instantly, or a bit later and the other person will still be notified.

I think the chats helped, and it would be a good idea to keep them in the future. I don’t think group timing should be so harsh though. I really liked at the end how the discussions were always at a few set times and we could plan around that. So maybe having hosts again would be a good idea!


My Choice Art!

I don’t particularly have a need to draw, paint, sculpt, or any other main art mediums; but what I do have a need for is decoration! For the activity of my choice, I chose to decorate my a wall in my room. I enjoy taking photos of my friends and all out adventures, so I figured it would be fun to make a type of photo collage.

I came across the issue of finding a theme at fist but then I decided that a traveling theme would be perfect for me! I got a wall sticker decal of a map of the world and placed it on the wall, then proceeded to build my collage around it. I chose to add photos of different places I have been, and ultimately, I would like to mark them on the map decal as well!

Wall of Adventures

It is hard to tell in the photo, but each cluster of photos represents one location that I visited. In the top left corner is Paris, France. Next to that is Chicago, Illinois, followed by a small cluster of our time in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. As the clusters go around in a circle, they also follow a transition. The top one on the right hand side is of the lovely city of Rome, Italy! Below that is Venice, Italy. To the left of Venice in the area somewhat between Africa and South America, you will notice one single picture of my sister and me in Haiti. To the left of that is a group of pictures taken in Miami, Florida. Last but not least, the cluster in the bottom left corner: Berlin, Germany!

I enjoyed making this a lot. I like waking up everyday to such great memories and it is a fun conversation starter for friends. Each photo was selected for very specific reasons and I can’t wait to tell everyone all of the stories attached with them!