AOTW Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S. Lee is a different kind of artist. While she is considered a photographer, she appears in many of her photos rather than being the one that takes the actual photo. In our group discussion, we discussed that even being in the picture allows Nikki to express her art. She poses the photos and perfects the lighting then joins in to be photographed. Her main work that the class video, as well as our discussion group talked about was her work with cultural groups. Her form of art was more of a social experiment. She would embody different cultures and be accepted completely to the point where in her photographs, she appeared to be a member of each different culture. Some of the things she did were of cultures such as Latina groups, or a Punk group.

Nikki S. Lee in her Punk edition in Projects

Nikki S. Lee in her Punk edition in Projects

I personally found her work fascinating. I find it hard to imagine myself having the kind of bravery she did to just completely take on a new persona and enter a group of individuals that a a culture that is vastly different from my own. I would fear that I would not be accepted. I think her bravery truly paid off on this art collection. I also think it is important to recognize her as an artist. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the artist is not just the person holding the paintbrush, or in this case snapping the photo. Instead the artist is the entity behind the creativity and artistic thought.



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