AH and AOTW Week 2


Me and My group:   Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 11.53.46 PM



The Art History for this week was great. I really liked how short they both were (thanks Glenn!) and informative. I really liked learning about the cave art. It’s amazing to see such an interesting theme carried throughout multiple cultures. Not only that, but there is all this other cultural background. I looked up a bunch of pictures of the hand print paintings…..DON’T DO IT!!! Unless you want to feel like you are in a horror movie. That was some seriously unsettling art. And even worse… Glenn mentioned that they probs did that with blood, spit or urine. Like WTF…I am not trying to be a part of that, but okay.


As for Ana… I seriously love her. She was so in touch with her body. Also, she had this weird fascination about making peace with the Earth since she got ripped away from her home town. I loved her skeleton work. That was an amazing way to describe life and death and I wish I could have seen it in person. She was amazing and I think her husband was a douche! He killed her for sure…


One thought on “AH and AOTW Week 2

  1. Nice work on everything this week Julia!

    Yeah… her husband was a douche!

    The sad thing… well, aside from the whole being killed part… is that I used to really love his work. He did (does) minimalist geometric sculpture works that had so much power for a lot of the ideas I used to think about. It’s really a shame when you “aren’t allowed” to like someone’s work… but obviously given what happened… it’s kind of hard to say “oh yeah, I’m a big Carl Andre fan!”

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