POST ONE Art 110

The videos this week were interesting. I thought the history video was totally overwhelming.  3 million years of art is too much to fit in such a short video! Our group discussed the video in our google hangout, but only for a short bit. We all thought it was somewhat overwhelming and confusing. However, we did discuss the artist of the week, Allan Kaprow quite a bit. We thought it was delightful that Kaprow found such beauty in simplicity. I did not understand the tire artwork, but my group mates pointed out that it was the simplistic art work that was the objective, nothing else. Also, I personally found him to be quite a fascinating person just by the simple fact that he started to gain fame and suddenly chose to leave the spotlight. That is my kind of guy!


One thought on “POST ONE Art 110

  1. Nice Julia!

    It’d be great if you’d talk a little more about the ideas. Take what you can from the videos, maybe Google Allan Kaprow and read a bit and look at a few images, and then try to discuss how is work resonates with your own life and your ideas and your experiences.

    And please include 1 or more photos. You can do a screen capture of your Hangout. You can do a Google Image Search for Allan Kaprow. Or if he makes you think of other artists you could include a photo of their work and say a little bit about the connections you see.

    Thanks Julia!

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