AOTW week 5

I (and Amanda) found this weeks artist of the week post a bit confusing. However, we did really think it was important to bring up the point about artist vs. executer. Who is the artist when the creativity comes from the person in the piece of art? I think the photographer is not necessarily the artist credited when the model is the one who had the artistic creativity. Overall, I thought the videos made me think quite a bit about art and I really enjoyed it.

Our convo:


Me and Amanda:



AH week5

The art history video was about the renaissance period. I liked seeing all the connections to the original David statue A LOT. Unfortunately, due to circumstances we could not avoid, Amanda and myself missed our group hangout. Luckily, we were ably to find time to chat a little bit about the videos. We both liked the Ecstasy statue. We agreed the statue was more angelic and we did not find it sexual at all.


I also really enjoyed the David look-a-like statue as well because I have seen many of them in person. It was enjoyable to hear the history behind everything. We also loved the clicker questions. If you ask me…I think Bernini had the more manly David, so I would probably choose to date him.


Graffiti Greatness!

Last week I went to Venice Beach to paint my own creation on the Art walls there. (Don’t worry, it was totally legal.) I went after watching a bit of the Germany v. Ghana World Cup game. I decided, since it was my first time with spray paint and a “graffiti” style artwork, to paint just my initials. All of the people I encountered seemed very helpful and they even let me borrow their different style tips. Overall, I thought it was a great experience and I will definitely do it again!!

Also, I got a chance to meet Glenn in person…it was great! 🙂 if you want to see pictures of that, you should visit his page here.






AH Week 4

I love the stained glass! And the cathedrals! The stuff from this time is something that I find to be particularly beautiful. The intricate details of the gothic structures are just so mesmerizing! I could stare at those marvelous buildings all day! My group and I unfortunately did not make video chat happen. Due to devices, internet access and who knows what else we were forced to just stick with types chat. But, in our typed chat we all discussed something about the video we loved…the gothic/gothic comparison! We loved the flipped necklace paired with the large archways. That’s definitely something that kept us interested. Thanks again, Glenn!

The struggle was real.


The connection was also quite real.



Bubble letters!

This activity was kind of different for me. When I think of bubble letters, I immediately think of middle school. I tried many times to make a good bubble drawing of my name but it was tough since in my mind I have such a concrete idea of what the letters should look like that I wasn’t putting any of my own flare on the drawing. My roommates brother just so happened to be visiting this week and he frequently does things like this for fun. So after some struggles and a lot of creative input from Dylan…finally the masterpiece was created! Thanks again Dylan!

Also, if you want to see what Dylan normally does, here is a short video of some of his work. If you want to see or know more about him just let me know and I will make it happen. Enjoy!





AOTW Week 4

Joseph Cornell was a pretty cool artist to learn about. His work to me seems entirely different then what I normally consider to be art. I like his use of symbolism A LOT. My group and I all pleasantly agreed that he was truly creative, and I personally find his work fascinating. I looked him up to view some of his art, and one page mentioned that he would use things like a spring to represent time. I would never have the ingenuity to understand something like that without being told. This way of thinking is what makes him a person to be remembered.

Also, one of the pages I found was designed to be like one of his boxes. I thought it was pretty cool so maybe you might too. Check it out here.



AOTW Week 3

I thought Francesca Woodman was pretty marvelous. I read in an article that she took her own life at 22. As sad as that is, I still think it is absolutely amazing that she had so much work produced before that! Watching her video I couldn’t help but be reminded of a great TED talk I saw about creativity. You can watch that video here:  if you are curious! It discusses the idea of borrowed creativity, something that I think totally applies to the work that stemmed from Woodman’s work.

Her work seemed to be very much about finding yourself, which I think is insane for someone at 22 to understand so deeply! I liked her black and white photos a lot, what a shame that she is no longer with us!